Free Spanish Tracts


    Each file contains two tracts.  This allows us to take advantage of the space on letter-size paper (8˝" x 11").  For example, one file has the tract LA TRINIDAD (The Trinity) along with DESAPARECEN MILLONES (Millions Disappear).

   After printing the tracts, cut the sheets to separate them, using the little marks on the page margins as guides.  See the illustration below; the little marks are indicated by the blue circles.  Cut following the red line.

La Trinidad (The Trinity) &

Desaparecen Millones

(Millions Disappear)

La Trinidad (The Trinity) &

Tienen Que Escoger

(They Must Choose)

Me Habló Cristo en el Cementerio

(Jesus Spoke to Me at the Cemetery)

Misterio en Santo Domingo

(Mystery in Santo Domingo) &

Salud, Dinero y Amor

(Health, Wealth, and Love)

Para Ti Que Sufres

(For You Who Suffer) &

Cambios Revolucionarios

(Revolutionary Changes)

Se Soltó el Diablo

(The Devil Turned Loose) &

Primeros Pasos con Cristo

(First Steps for a New Believer)

Los Pasos del Hombre

(The Steps of a Man)

De las Drogas a Cristo

(From Drugs to Christ)

Rezar versus Orar

(Vain Repetitions vs. Praying)



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